The benefits of lavender flower health

The lavender flower has many benefits for the human being, such as the use of lavender in the perfume industry for its aromatic aroma, and lavender has an important role in calming the body and nerves, and can add lavender oil to the bathing water to feel refreshed, and can massage the body with this oil for relaxation .

The lavender has an active role in the treatment of insomnia and the elimination of anxiety and tension, and it helps to treat depression, and there are some types of lavender fragrances with a similar effect to sterilizers, so it is used to sterilize patients' rooms in hospitals, and activate the heart, liver, spleen and kidneys, Used to prevent the appearance of sweat odor from the body.

It also helps to treat fungal infections, larynx, headaches, and treatment of respiratory diseases and digestive problems. It is used as an antidote to convulsions. It also plays a major role in urinary incontinence, cleansing the body, expelling gases from the intestines, It can be used as a treatment for gout, rheumatism and infectious diseases.

It also has a unique flavor for food when placed as a supper. It accelerates wound healing, is used to treat alopecia, helps to promote hair growth, and reduces the pain caused by tonsillitis in children. It has a major role in relieving the symptoms that precede menstruation. Very useful for skin, as it works to rid it of acne.