Causes of rash children

The use of children's articles of soap and fragrances contains a large unnatural aromatic ratio, as does the continuous dehydration of the child's skin.

 Wear some clothing made of wool and nylon material, which helps to raise the sensitivity of the child's body. The use of creams and moisturizers is not specific to children, as the children's moisturizers do not contain any unnatural aromatic substances, air and dust allergies, where the child is exposed to skin rash in different places, exposure to pollen that affects many young people and adults.

Some foods, such as milk, chocolate, strawberries, fish, eggs and tomatoes, have a large list that has been shown to cause sensitization and skin rash in some children. It is also known what causes allergies and rash by means of a laboratory test A simple indication of the substance and class of food causing allergies, taking some of the topical medications or creams that cause skin allergies.