Benefits of healthy onion oil

There are many benefits of the onion, including, it is an antibiotic has natural properties, and is a dietary supplement, and is effective in acting as a vitamin effect; it is a general tonic of the human body, and helps to increase the resistance to diseases, and it has Has an effective role in the purification of blood, thereby preventing the incidence of stroke, and consequent blockages in the arteries or any effects may affect its functioning properly.

The onion oil is a natural disinfectant. It kills and fights all microbes. It helps to clear the throat, which can cause infections. It also treats the colds that occur in winter. Onion oil also has the protection against liver fibrosis. And his palpitations. Lowers blood sugar, and has an effective effect in controlling blood pressure.

It also helps prevent and treat pertussis, and plays a synchial role for both the pharynx and the respiratory tract. It helps to improve the bowel, which helps to get out better. In addition, onion oil is an effective treatment for hair loss, regardless of its causes. It is also an effective treatment against lice infestation.