Benefits of black raisin juice

Raisins have many health benefits, as raisins are rich in many elements and vitamins that the body needs, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Raisins are useful in the treatment of atherosclerosis, gives blood vessels flexibility and strengthens the heart, Cholesterol, and maintains normal blood pressure, an effective and magical treatment for people with anemia.

It helps in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, such as gastritis and ulcers, and stimulates the birth, and opens the appetite, and strengthens the undernourished, activates the body and removes fatigue and fatigue. It is a treatment for the diseases of the output device, kidney stones and bladder, and also treats black raisins constipation and urinary tract, and treats inflammation of the kidneys, colitis and hemorrhoids.

It also treats the respiratory system and chest, reduces cough, allergies, and whooping cough. It activates the work of the breasts. It is an effective antidote to everything that affects the respiratory system. It treats many common diseases such as gingivitis, rheumatism and rheumatism. Black raisins also treat malaria and jaundice. Of ascites.

It is also rich in minerals that are beneficial to the body; so mothers have no difficulty in giving it to children, and you can mix it with crushed ice to become a juice for all family members. It is also useful for pregnant women; it is rich in iron, unlike other juices, With iron needed, and is beneficial for all people who suffer from iron deficiency anemia.