Recipes for the removal of the body lines that appear after birth

Many women after giving birth to her child suffers from the problem of lines that appear on her body as a result of stretch and shrink, as her belly expands dramatically, leading to the appearance of fine lines with pink oblique to red, there are many natural recipes that help to remove these lines the most important :

First, use warm milk, by slightly heating the milk on the fire and are soaking a soft towel in the warm milk, then you massage the affected premises lines with circular movements, then a towel placed on the abdomen for ten minutes, then wash the place with warm water, and reiterates that recipe a day .

Second, the use of natural oils, which are six tablespoons of almond oil or apricot oil mixed with two drops of orange oil and lavender oil, and put drops of lemon juice, and then you put the mixture in a water bath and wash his whole body with a focus on places lines and massage, then wash with lukewarm water.

Third, the use of olive oil, is the best treatment for skin problems, because it contains antioxidants and nutrients important to nourish the skin and stimulate blood circulation inside, where you heat the olive oil a little bit, and then massage the affected areas of the body with circular movements for ten minutes, and then left on skin for half an hour, then wash with warm water and soap.