Get to know the reasons for the rash for children

Rash known as a red layer appears on the baby's skin may be a little prominent on the skin and in the form of red spots with a white top and sometimes spread different places of the body, and his appearance is due to several reasons including:

The rash appears when you eat some of the food, such as milk, chocolate and strawberry, fish, eggs, tomatoes and many others who proved they cause rashes and is figure out what is causing the allergy and rashes element through a simple laboratory testing shows the type of material and items the food that causes the allergy.

 As that of the causes of the rash appeared he had some of the medications or topical creams that Zblb sensitivity of the skin, so you put these medicines out of reach of children, exposure to pollen, which affects many young people and adults.

As some of the children when you wear some of the clothes made of wool and nylon material, cause allergic skin on these children, and that some children are allergic to the air and dust where it appears on the child in a rash of different places.