Damage to hair dye on pregnant woman

Many women want to change hair colors so resort to character, and there is no problem with it, but its impact is different if the woman is pregnant facing many of the side effects that may be felt by the pregnant woman when the pigmentation of hair, especially in the first three months, which can be summarized in the following points:

Since the dye for pregnant women working on disruptions and fluctuations in the stomach, you feel a pregnant woman sick for a long time, which leads to vomiting, not feeling comfortable, and the smells and fumes from hair dyes, lead to a reduction of pressure in pregnant women.

In addition, when a woman becomes pregnant her hair are more prone to abortion and the loss of the fetus, in the three months of pregnancy in the case of dyed her hair, and not to cause nervous balance, headaches, dizziness and loss of consciousness in some cases.

How to dye contains many chemicals that are absorbed by the mother's body and transmitted to the fetus, it will pose a threat to his health, especially in the first months of pregnancy because the fetus is incomplete him the lungs, the liver, the two officials to purify the body of toxins.